Kloof Corner Ridge.

Yip, I had to create yet another new Blog Page.  Free pages has limited space and I’m not prepared to pay for a blog as I do this as a hobby.  I don’t get paid for it nor am I sponsored.

Soooooooooooo!  The first hike Hikers Paradise Adventure Club decided to do after fasting for the month of Ramadaan, was Kloof Corner Ridge!  Yip!  A C+ graded hike after 5 weeks inactivity! (for me that is as the others got in a hike during the Fast).  I wasn’t sure that I wanted this to be my first hike after my hiatus as I would have absolutely no strength to pull myself up the chains O_O but alas….


Also, I finally have a new phone so no longer have to permanently connect my power bank to my old Xperia M4 Aqua.  My new Xperia XZ has a 23 megapixel camera (insert heart face).  It has a lot of swanky features which I haven’t tried out yet.

Anyway, we are to meet at Kloof Corner Car Park at 07:15am for 07:30am start and as I am the first one at the carpark, I answered the call of nature without being spotted in the dark hehe.  I also got to capture the sun rising as the rest were pretty late.  Also!  It was awfully cold! Around 3°C cold! And us Capetonians feel the cold 2°C colder than anyone else in the world…sigh


Anyhoo, 7 of us made our way up Kloof Corner with Shaheen leading and me sweeping. Firstly!  Coz I am unfit and secondly, I have to take photos 😀  Fortunately, Shaheen also got distracted by photo capturing that she lagged behind with me hehe Just like the good old days ^_^


Finally meet up with the rest of the group on the contour path and get my old hiking club members as well and Shaheen shares her chocolate with me.  Kareema is up the chain first and I’m almost directly behind her.  She struggles up one section and I’m hanging on the chain below her and slightly lose my strength and confidence in the process and my legs start shaking!  I had to take a moment for it to stop before carrying on sigh.  I too struggled at the same spot and used my knees. I couldn’t care less about the bruises I am to have later.

Photo Cred – Shaheen

We are all up and further up a few scrambles and Shaheen is far ahead!  Really setting the pace for us and we don’t even try to keep up with her haha.  She passes our usual break spot and tell her to hold up!

Photo Cred – Shaheen

It’s also our usual photo spot hehe.  We have to wait on Anwar and Kareema anyway.

Photo Cred – Shaheen

Further up we go still and it start to rain slightly.  Uh oh.  We cannot go up the second chain if it starts to pour.  We look for shelter from the rain before making a decision whether to carry on or take detour up India Venster.  Not what we wanted to do at this stage.  We find a nice overhang and I go check out the Window views!  Stunning!


Back to the group and Rashaad takes out a hand warmer! O_O  I NEED ME ONE OF THOSE!  Anwar and Kareema eventually catch up and its flippen cold and put on my top. Oh yes, I started out with my rain-jacket but took it off on the contour path.

Further up we go and Rashaad is up first and I take a video of him going up and tease him ofcoz hehe


Shaheen is up next and then me.  I expect to struggle and of coz I do!  I was determined not to go up with the harness and rope as I had to do so last time up there.  I was feeling ill and too weak to pull myself up the very first section.  Someone tied a knot in the chain though so it was way easier hehe.  Before going up, I take a deep breath and ask myself out loud why I keep doing this to myself.   Up I go and once up the first section, I rest a bit and struggle as I try to find my footing and keep going up and down.  With much exertion, up I go.  As I’m taking too long, my fingers are exposed to the cold rock and even colder chain!  My fingertips are devoid of colour and all I feel is pain.  I can’t even feel the rock or chain.  I have to warm my fingers before carrying on! I ask Rashaad to come back down to get my bag but he lowers a short rope instead and pulled my bag up.  As I was in the most awkward positions, I put it in the only convenient place at the time lol.  It worked as I could climb up further and had to warm my hands properly as it was still paining despite the warmth sigh.

Anyway, the rest are coming up without much struggle and Kareema opted to use rope as it was her first time. I probably instilled some fear in her the way I was struggling up.


Tis very very cold and as soon as everyone is up, we move on.  After appreciating the views of course! And a barefoot hiker the other side of the Ridge.

Photo Cred – Shaheen

Shaheen is still leading and I am right behind her now.  Off the two of us go until we are distracted by a photo shoot but have to wait on the others anyway.


We gather at the chimney which is also the final chain up this route.  Rashaad goes up first and throws a rope down to pull up all our bags.  I go up next and struggle through the narrow chimney!  It has shrunken!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Up I go and take photos from above.  It’s even colder!  Didn’t take too many photos as we look for shelter from the chilling draft. When everyone is eventually up, we have breakfast.  Yay!

Down India Venster we go and Rashaad is setting the pace.  Not at his usual faster pace mind you.  He doesn’t want me to pass either as I ‘will run away’ according to him!  I know my pace is a lot faster going down but I don’t run Rashaad.


Shaheen doesn’t want to wait when she catches up with us and just then, it starts to rain and on with our raincoats.  Nothing major though but closer to the contour path, it pours.  Beautiful rains wetting the grounds.  Bliss!  It’s been a very long while since I’ve hiked in the rain (insert heart emoticon)


We chose to take the path straight down to the lower cable station instead of going down Kloof Corner where our cars are parked. I decided to wait on Ezzat and Kareema so they can know which way to go down.  When I see them see me, I carry on down.


We are done shortly after 1pm with already stiff and sore legs (me that is) and as we are walking along Tafelberg Road, I spot all the litter thrown off the road into the bush.  If I had to pick it up, I would have been there whole day and I certainly do not have enough bags to carry all that litter!


I was obviously sore for days after the hike and sporting a variety of bruises.  I LOVE IT!

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading.



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