Trail Running in the Rain with Leave the Couch Together

What even is Leave the Couch Together?  After their first rail run, I made the following comment:


July 31, 2016 at 6:33 pmREPLY

Extract from my latest blog (which I am yet to publish)

‘Oh yes! One of my Instagram followers started this thing called Leave the Couch Together. He’s a trail runner and blogger of so started for newbie trail runners. I wanted to join because ‘Safety in numbers’ but one of the requirements is that I should be able to run for 5km without stopping. Uhm. No. lol. Also, how am I to take photos if I can’t stop… :D’

On the top of Kloof Corner Ridge last week, I looked down at Lion’s Head and The Loop and thought it by time I trail run the route but hesitant to do it solo as you know, muggings and stabbings on the mountain SIGH.  And then!   Later the week, I saw that LTC Together will be running the route ^_^

Above the 2nd infamous chain on Kloof Corner Ridge

As it was the first trail run after the month of Ramadaan and hoping everyone is as unfit as I am, I wouldn’t hold up the group too much.  If I do, I can run alone.  Apart from my first trail run, every run since then has been solo.  I’ve never ran with a group before Sunday so didn’t know what is in store for me.  Also didn’t know if trail runners run in the rain so asked on Facebook lol.

If the run was cancelled, my goto of course will be Platties ^_^

I assumed we are to meet at the Hut (didn’t even bother asking lol) as from what I can remember, they had their group photo there.  I’m not even going to apologise that the following sentence is all in CAPS.


Are we really running in this rain?

With hundreds of people doing Lion’s Head per day, I’ve been parking at Kloof Corner and walk over.  I took the chance by driving to the start as I assumed that not many people would be on the mountain and I was right! 😀

At 7:30am I stand at the hut in the rain and its cold!  Introduced myself to Fareed and due to safety reasons, the run may be cancelled but most of us is still keen on doing it.  He says give it till 07:45am and I get back in the car and drink some coffee and have a koesiester.  I don’t know what the snack protocol for trail running is so only had as much that could fit in my 2l hydration pack with 1l water and my car keys.

I’m looking up to avoid the blinding flash

Out the car and it seems the run is a go and I see them warming up and stretching.  Ok lets do that.  I pretended that I knew what I’m doing and warmed up too lol. 19 of us posed for group photos prior to the run but only 14 of us completed the run hehe.  The others opted not to run in the cold, wet rain.

While everyone was still standing in the rain, the Elites started to run and I decided I might as well start as well coz everyone is going to catch up with me anyway!  And I run.  And I stop to take a photo lol.  First time I see Lion’s head wet!  I even took a video 😀 Also! How does one even run with all these puddles?  Run through it?  along side it?  hope across it?  I tried combination of all lol.

How do you even run this?

Not long, Fareed catches up to me and we see the Elites running to the Kramat and seemed they were running via Signal Hill!

We regroup for a bit on The Hill and chat in the cold!  Down we go and I take photos whenever I could without holding up the group.  I held them up each time my laces came loose!  Annoying!  I didn’t know that runners also make sure that they can see the last person behind them.  If they don’t, they stop, turn around and come looking for the last person ^_^  Thank you!

Your chat break but my ‘I need to breath break’

Round the Loop we go and the slight inclines are dreadful!  Another regroup halfway and the wind picks up! Had to take a video of this of course 😛

Run some more and now there’s steps involved L  My legs are becoming heavier and heavier and now I have to run a minute walk a minute.  Grateful when my laces become loose so I can stop and tie it again lol.  It’s only then that I can actually run up the steps, no matter far apart they are ^_^

Laces came loose again sigh

Another regroup in the Pine ‘forest’ and my legs don’t want to carry me anymore!  It’s also when the Elites that went via Signal Hill passed me!  Sheesh! Maybe one day.  Or maybe not lol.  I don’t have time to train that much to become even half as fast/fit as them.

Pine ‘Forest’

The final stretch to the road was hard!  By that time I ran 30 seconds walked 30 seconds lol but finally we were done!  Group photo and some of the Elites decided to run another kilometre!  They are training for some trail race.  The only trail races that I know of is the SPCA, Sanlam and Ultra – none of which I am fit enough to do or even want to do.  I’m not innit for racing J

Elites went to run some more

Little road run up to Signal Hill road and thank goodness Amanda runs at my pace hehe.   Final final stretch to the boom along the trail route and could take another photo.  Oh!  I was also not last in!  Another lady fell and all along the route I was thinking ‘Well I haven’t fallen yet so that’s a good thing’ I was wearing my Adidas trail shoes with Continental thread which helped a lot!

Final final stretch

About 1hour later we were done!  Well done to me! I did my first trail run with a group (even though its pace is for newbies) and I could keep up!  YAY! YAY! YAY! It’s such a confidence booster knowing that I am not as unfit as I think I am.  The requirement is that you should be able to road run 5km without stopping and I don’t even think I can do that.  I haven’t tried lol.

‘photo’ break but actually I need to breath

Anyway!  Fareed opens his trunk and offers bottled water to everyone which I declined as I ran with my pack.  I then offered my koesiesters hehe.  Fareed has a similar pair of Salomons as mine and ask him if its waterproof and he says no.   Salomons are generally not waterproof to which I replied that my hiking boots are waterproof.  Didn’t want to wear my Salomon trail shoes as I didn’t want to ruin it in the rain.  They had a good laugh for that!  Well, the Adidas kept me from falling lol.

Final group photo and we part ways.

Well done to us! 

Thank you Fareed & Leave the Couch Together!  I will definitely join you guys again when I have the chance!  Absolutely loved it!

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading J










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