Chasing Waterfalls – Silverstream Ravine

On Eid, some of my cousins asked if we were hiking the first Sunday after Ramadaan and said that I am!  I first want to get my hard hike in before doing an easy hike hehe.  Also!  I mixed up my dates and scheduled the hike the same day as the Platteklip clean-up with Love our Trails sigh.

Anyway! When Cape Town had its first winter storm, I knew back then already that Silverstream is what I wanted to do!  I knew that I would also receive complaints as it’s not exactly the easiest hike from Kloof Corner ^_^ I suffered for 4 days with lactic acid in my thighs after Kloof Corner Ridge so you guys can suffer too lol.

I was watching the weather forecasts and heavy rains were predicted!  Yay!  Bigger waterfall!  (also slight relief during our current drought and water crisis).  Also assumed that the turn-out wouldn’t be big as not many have rain gear (yet) or don’t know how fantastic it is to hike in the rain!  Mini-me and her friend was to join but her friend bailed BUT she said she’s still joining me as she hasn’t been to a waterfall in ages!  Yay!  It’s not often that my daughter hikes with me J


The night before, after raining a couple of hours, I told my daughter that it will probably be the 2 of us and she said that she doesn’t care.  Not long after, I received confirmation from Zarina that she and a friend would be joining.  Shortly after 5am (the morning of the hike), my cousin Zareena and Volunteer Sanparks Ranger Saeed’s friend asked if the hike was still on as it was pouring!  I only replied yes at 5:45am coz why are you guys up so early?!


Arrive at Kloof Corner parking at 7:35am and let the group know that I am there.  We are to start at 7:50am (Immediately after sunrise)  and people, it is COLD!!!!!! Even said that there must be snow on top of the mountain!  I quickly out the car to take a pic and got back into the car!  Shortly after, Zarina arrived and to my pleasant surprise!  Faried as well ^_^  Happy days!  I didn’t know what Saeed’s friend looked like but she came to the car and asked if we are the hiking group and said yes.  We were now waiting on Zareena and family who said that she was on her way.  And we wait and we wait.  Shortly after, she phoned to confirm the parking and said they must go further up from Kloof Nek parking.  I did mention in the notification that its just before the Cable Car Station and with the boards Kloof Corner and some Water thing.  They ended up going straight along Kloof Nek Road towards Camps Bay and had to turn back lol.  They are forgiven as they don’t know all the points yet and we all started out not knowing the meeting points yet hehe.

Anyway!  Short brief and informed the newbies that I hike even if it snows! AND! Our youngest hiker is only 5 years old!   I will hike even if there is a hurricane!  (Actually- maybe not a hurricane).  This is a hike for beginners and we hike at the slowest person’s pace.  Also, I only do beginner hikes once a month.  Asked Faried to lead but he said that he wanted to be in the middle so asked my daughter to lead and the faster hikers not to go too far ahead and not to be alone when they get to Platties as it’s a mugging hotspot.


I check in with Tracking @8:08am, 12 Adults, 4 kids, our route and ETA 12pm.  Up they go and call them back down again to take group photo ^_^ and up we go again with me sweeping and taking several photos!  Maria from Russia living and working in Dubai doesn’t walk anywhere and her choice of footwear for the hike shows but she said it was comfortable.

We are distracted with the rainbow and then a double rainbow!  Mini-me knows to regroup as well!  Making a leader out of that one!  Momma be proud ya’ll!  At the bottom of the steepest section I tell them ‘Surprise!’  It’s not as hard as it looks and they concurred when they were all on top J  It’s also here that we got a bit of drizzle but not enough to put on our rain-gear and we have all warmed up somewhat.


Short break on the contour path before moving on and I’m still sweeping and merrily taking photos and blissfully happy seeing water trickling down the mountain ^_^ and the puddles!  What I didn’t think of though, is that not everyone has trail shoes/boots and would have to walk through the puddles!  When I caught up to the first waterfall, I walked through the stream and assisted the others over the rocks J  They asked if this is THE waterfall and said no, this is the pretend waterfall.  There’s even more waterfalls along the start of Right Arrow Face!  My heart is singing!


Further along we go and have to stop for photos at the waterfall over the over-hang. Again I was asked if this is THE waterfall and said no, this is the mickey-mouse play toy waterfall.


And ofcoz, litter to be picked up and I forgot to bring a bag for it sigh.  So had to hike with these in my hand.


Nearing THE waterfall, I could hear it but not see it yet and I can hardly control my excitement!  And what a beautiful sight when I saw it!  Felt like I was waiting my whole life for this lol.  Straight to the waterfall I go and on with my rainjacket and under it I go!  Faried joins me and we alternate taking photos!


Merrily join the group for breakfast and I didn’t have enough koesiesters for everyone and Nasreen’s group left their food in the car but we shared what we had amongst us of course!

Checking out the waterfall photos, I see that Faried’s finger is in every one of the photos he took of me!  Do-over is a must and ask Mini-me to take photos.

I dance under the waterfall and nearly fell to the back.  That would have been disastrous as there are huge boulders below and could have really injured myself badly if I knocked my head or something.  Take photos of min-me at the waterfall and left her with my phone to take a gazillion selfies lol.


Faried decided that he was going to part us and go up Platteklip!  Great idea!  Zarina and Wiedaad decided to head back to the cars.  Post breakfast group photo and it’s time to return.  The kids are not bothered at this stage and walk right through the puddles and streams ^_^ .


Mini-me is way ahead of us even though I told her that she has the water and its warming up.  She only regrouped at India Venster fork…this is also where Maria’s boots broke further with each step lol.  I laughed so much as it came apart lol.  She ended up hiking down in her socks and carried our little 5 year old hiker on my back as the steps are too far apart for his little legs and would struggle.  We had a big ol fat chat!

I check out of tracking at 12:33pm and some of us go to the loo before heading back to the cars.

Thanks guys!  I enjoyed that hike immensely!  Shout out to our leader and the group for making it such an enjoyable hike!

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading J



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