Rock-Climbing with Mini-me!

Yeah yeah!  Finally doing what I set out to do!  Alternate my Sunday’s doing a B+ scramble hike, beginner hike, trail run and rock climb!  Even got in an outreach hike this month 😀

When I checked the weather forecast last week, I knew I had to go rock-climbing!  First Sunday where rain wasn’t predicted although we desperately need the rain!  I asked in Llewellyn’s group if anyone was planning a climb and he offered his belaying services.  He cannot climb yet.  After his climbing injury at the gym.  As he couldn’t hike yet, he chose Higgovale Quarry as it’s a short walk from the road and sheltered from the elements.


Anyway, while waiting for Llewellyn in the road, we have our lunch so long.  Mine was the only car parked there so didn’t want to chance being along in the quarry.

Llewellyn eventually arrived and we help him with his gear.  Especially since half his gear is for me lol.  One day, one day I will buy a carabiner and belay device at least.   I’m saving for something special later this year 😀  I’m so super excited!  But I will blog about it then J

Anyway!  We enter the Quarry and there’s already climbers!  They must have parked on the other side and ofcoz I take photos.


I asked Llwellyn if we could ask one of the others to lead belay him as I’m still nervous!  He reassures me that I’ve done it before and should be fine!  I wasn’t convinced!  Had no choice.  He sets up the 15 first and he’s doing well despite his injury!  I have to admit I was a lot less nervous lead belaying him J


Mini-me is up next and I got to belay her 😀  Llewellyn had to take photos 😀  Its only her second time rock-climbing and she did well!  Somehow, I don’t know how, I lost the photos of her completing the route sigh.

I’m up next

and then Llewellyn decided to set up the 18 as the 16 was occupied.  Really?  You expect me to attempt an 18?! Not likely but he was very encouraging.  Just climb as far as you can go.   He was going to set up as far as he could go anyway and then do the whole safety thing from the top.  He successfully set up the 18 with his injury!  Seriously wow!

The daughter attempts the route and I take photos from the bottom and from the top but she gave up after tiring herself too much.  She would attempt it again after regaining some strength.

I attempt it next. I struggle at what they say is the most difficult pitch!  I rest my arms a few times trying to reach comfortable holds.  If I find a hold for my fingers, I can’t find a stable hold for my toes!  I didn’t struggle too long though!  Or more like I don’t think I struggled too long hehe  Further up I go under the overhang and saying out loud, ‘how the hell am I supposed to go over this?’  I DO NOT have the upper body strength to pull myself over this! Llewellyn said to go round and over.  Ok I can do this….or so I thought!  I struggle some more!  I can’t find comfortable toe or finger holds!  Llewellyn suggesting this and that from below.  I try everything he suggests but still can’t find a stable/comfortable position for both my toes and fingers!  He eventually says to jump and reach haha!  Not as dramatic as it sounds but I did jump and reach and grunt/scream out loud and I’m over the overhang ^_^.  Next difficult pitch and I just go up from the side and I DID IT! My first grade 18 climb without the dramatic struggle on my 16 and 17!  No-one can take that elation of achievement away from you!

The daughter attempts the 18 again but couldn’t get over the pitch as she tired her arms out way too much and her fingers were sore by now.


Llewellyn sets up the 16 and I’m confident lead belaying now J  I belay the daughter and she climbs until the most difficult pitch and only gives up when she is certain that she couldn’t climb further.  I struggled like hell on my first attempt up that route.  Sheesh! I also realised just how feisty my daughter is! She does not give up easily.

I climb next around 5pm and its getting cold.  Climbing up I had second thoughts on doing this as the rock was quite cold and cold and my fingertips are like water and oil!  I had to warm them up every so often and struggle up the final pitch as my fingertips were paining from the cold rock.  (Typing this my fingertips went all cold from the memory lol – I kid you not!)

Really had an amazing day with my daughter and have to thank Llewellyn for making it all possible!  Could not have done it without him.  THANK YOU!


Swift and full recovery on your injury and hope to climb with you again soon!


Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading.





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