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Devil’s Peak via Mowbray Ridge/Knife’s Edge & Minor Peak

For the 3 weeks I haven’t been on the mountain, I collected 3 bruises!  2 scratches to my thighs and a lovely hard knock to my shin.  The last one being ouch! What’s a long hard hike without any bruises anyway 😊 and a good dose of Lactic Acid 😀 I was supposed to do this... Continue Reading →

Taking Back Our Mountains III

‘Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’ – Mattie Stepanek. This time the TBOM event was on Noordhoek Beach which also falls under SANPARKS and a mugging hotspot area. ICYMI and why would we be hiking on the beach: noordhoek-beach-attack-victims-speak-out-13371843 tourist-stable-after-noordhoek-beach-stabbing-in-cape-town-20180107 Not only are the TBOM events about... Continue Reading →

Taking Back Our Mountains II

I read an article that our drought is putting our R38 billion tourism industry at risk. “Tourism supports over 300000 jobs across the Western Cape. If one calculates foreign direct spend by visitors, visitors spent R9.9bn in the Western Cape in the first half of 2017 alone. We have received concerned calls from the tourism... Continue Reading →

Woodstock Cave

Catch Up Blog (I have a few of these to write) After Saturday’s (13th Jan) blood bath in Silvermine Nature Reserve and stressing the entire day, the mountain was the last place I wanted to be and nearly cancelled on the group.  I don’t have a back-up leader and the beginner group rely on me... Continue Reading →

Taking back our Mountains

The people have spoken.  We are gatvol.  We are no longer going to stand on the side-lines and watch how our happy place be taken over by criminals.  This was apparent when 90 people showed up for our hike ‘Take back our Mountain’. We not only talked the talk but we walked the walk as... Continue Reading →

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