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Cecilia Waterfall – A Beginner hike

If it weren’t for the awesome bunch of hikers on Sunday, I would have been thoroughly depressed throughout our hike T_T.  Guys!  My knee is incapable of doing ANY mountain activities without any pain T_T  Rock-Climbing, Easy hikes and Trail-Running is supposed to be low impact but I can’t even do that!  T_T.  So I’ve... Continue Reading →

Rock-Climbing at Lakeside Pinnacle.

Keeping with my plan to alternate my Sundays with various mountain activities, it was time to go Rock-climbing!  Even though the club was to do Spring Buttress, a route I haven’t done yet, I no longer suffer from FOMO 😀  I want to become a stronger climber and fitter trail runner so WILL suffer from... Continue Reading →

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