Trail Run – Newlands to Rhodes

I so very much enjoyed the trail run with Leave the Couch Together last time that I now plan my Sundays around their events!  Sunday’s run was supposed to be a group thing but alas, too many conflicting races so he had to postpone till next Sunday and of course I am not available sigh.... Continue Reading →

A rock-climb and a Platteklip hike

This time not on the same day!  I’ve learnt my lesson hiking Platties and then going rock-climbing lol.  On Saturday I went for quickie rock climb at Lakeside Pinnacle and on Sunday I got this idea into my head to summit Platteklip Gorge twice! In the week Heinrich asked if I would you like to... Continue Reading →

Rock-Climbing with Mini-me!

Yeah yeah!  Finally doing what I set out to do!  Alternate my Sunday’s doing a B+ scramble hike, beginner hike, trail run and rock climb!  Even got in an outreach hike this month 😀 When I checked the weather forecast last week, I knew I had to go rock-climbing!  First Sunday where rain wasn’t predicted... Continue Reading →

Outreach Hike with

Have you ever wondered how a homeless person becomes homeless?  Do you have this preconceived notion that all homeless are on drugs and that the charity you give them will be for their drug use?  That they will sell the sandwich you give them in order to support their drug habit?  Did you know that... Continue Reading →

Kloof Corner Ridge.

Yip, I had to create yet another new Blog Page.  Free pages has limited space and I’m not prepared to pay for a blog as I do this as a hobby.  I don’t get paid for it nor am I sponsored. Soooooooooooo!  The first hike Hikers Paradise Adventure Club decided to do after fasting for... Continue Reading →

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